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First Field Day

We take great pride to share with you the realization of our first field day for customers; this event took place on March 2, 2016 in our headquarters located in Puerto Varas and field. There, we presented our varieties: Trauko NS, Adara NS and Kaia NS. Furthermore, we took a tour through our offices and facilities in Puerto Varas, where we showed a part of the research and development processes carried out by our company.

We are truly grateful for having the presence of Sergio Ohme, Roberto Kowald, Ernesto Castro, Lautaro Ríos and Whilhem Bierma. We expect that the information delivered becomes useful for their business and we hope that we can start working together in the near future.

This was only the first of many events that we are organizing for our potential customers and that will be informed in due course.